Welcome to EightCAP, Inc.

EightCAP, Inc., a private non-profit corporation, was established as a Community Action Agency in 1966, serving the mid Michigan counties of Gratiot, Ionia, Isabella, and Montcalm. Each county has at least one EightCAP affiliated office and multiple Head Start Centers. As a community-based agency, EightCAP has extensive program and administrative experience to ensure efficient and effective programs. Collectively, EightCAP collaborates all programs to meet community and individual needs.

What does EightCAP do?

One of the strengths of EightCAP – and the other 1,100+ Community Action Agencies throughout the nation – is that we are able to implement unique and diverse solutions to address the local conditions and causes of poverty in the communities we serve. But, with such a breadth of programming comes with a downside – it’s hard to explain what we do!

Michigan Community Action, one of the statewide associations that EightCAP is a member of, came up with an acronym and elevator speech that might come in handy:

  • Housing and homelessness (including weatherization, rental assistance, temporary shelter, and supportive services for veteran families)
  • Emergencies (including food, heating assistance, rental assistance and transportation services)
  • Learning (including Head Start, Foster Grandparents/Senior Companions, early childhood education, and parenting)
  • Poverty (including alleviating poverty, building skills, communities and self-sufficiency)

Of course, this is just a useful tool. We don’t want to forget about other important programs like Montcalm CASA and the Greenville Optimist Camp. So, the next time you tell someone that you work for EightCAP, and they ask “What’s EightCAP?” You can tell them that we are an agency that H-E-L-Ps!

office hours

M-F: 8am - 4:30pm


5827 Orleans Road
Orleans MI 48865

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